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Saturday, January 26, 2008

High Tea at the Chocolate Maven, Dinner at Puerto Penasco, and a slice at Patsy's New York style Pizza

Restaurant Review

Chocolate Maven Another disappointing experience from one of the most experienced bakeries in town. They certainly have their fans, but I am not one of them. We tried their "high tea" which was terrible. They served me an old hard scone, some sort of sour cream or mascarpone in place of the clotted cream required, and cheap seeded raspberry jam. At least the tea was good. They also don't seem to understand the concept of a tea sandwich. Call it something else!

Puerto Penasco A great find on Airport road which serves Mexican seafood and Mexican classics. The Ceviche tostada was fantastic, as was the Filet de Vera Cruz. I even liked the Enchiladas which I think are assembled to order. No grease, the right amount of heat, and even the rice and beans were tasty. A great value in a clean and friendly setting.

Patsy's New York Style Pizza If "New York Style" means served with a bad attitude they've got it down. Actually, their classic cheese and tomato slice with a nice thin crust is excellent. Avoid their attempts into gourmet combinations. The white pizza with spinach and goat cheese was undercooked and tasteless. The folks next to me were having meatball heroes which looked and smelled great. They refused to give me a glass of tap water. Bottled water only!