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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Real Food Nation and The Flying Star

Restaurant Review

Real Food Nation This place is in an old converted gas station out on Old Pecos Trail, past Harry's, and past Bobcat Bites. I have basic raves for the high-quality, homemade, local and organic food — it's the rest of the operation that needs fixing. They're set up for fast service but what they provide is slow, confused service. I found the meal expensive, the dining room unattractive, and the whole experience frustrating.

The Flying Star Just arrived from Albuquerque in the Railyard, they have a huge menu, all homemade sweets and make everything to order. There was a bit of confusion at the counter ("Would you like your ice tea hot or cold?") but this is Santa Fe, so I was not surprised. I have heard mixed reviews from people around town. I think there is a bit of snobbery going around. I had a good experience.