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Saturday, May 26, 2007

El Meson and Yasmine's cafe in Albuquerque

Restaurant Review

El Meson This restaurant serves decent Spanish Tapas in a fine setting, but the service was sooo poor and rude it completely ruined our experience. We were served a bad glass of house red wine and made to feel like criminals for trying to exchange it. Are you serious?

Yasmine's Cafe on Central in Albuquerque Andrew and Jody, 2 friends who have lived in the Middle East, took me to this simple, inexpensive cafe for what they said was authentic food and it rocked! The falafel came stuffed with almonds, onions and spice, the Lamb Kefta came with creamy hummus and everything comes with side salads and pita. Super value for lots of fresh tasty treats including an entire pastry counter full of phyllo-based pastries and short strong coffee.