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Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Chocolate Tasting Results

Live on-air Taste Test

All chocolate for this test was purchased at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and there are lots more to try!

Valhrona 71% Dark Chocolate
The best deal in town. A good day to day choice, keep it with you at all times! Just ask Laurel!

Paul Newman's Sweet Dark Chocolate
An inexpensive choice with great texture and richness, and it's organic.

5 Star Fruit and Nut Bar
More of a chocolate whipped confection than a plain bar, it's simply to die for, and they make 4 other flavors, my work never stops!

Renew Dark Chocolate with Cassis
A little too hard and bitter for my taste but the scent of black currant was heavenly.

Vosage Mo's Bacon Bar
Okay, I was all prepared to hate this one and talk about how wrong it was to mix pork and chocolate, but I must tell you it was amazing. They just work together! The excellent, creamy texture of chocolate, which is described as "dark milk chocolate," together with the smokey aftertaste of the bacon is fantastic!