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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Classic Cole Slaw and Potato Salad (my way)

Seasonal Recipe of the Week
This is an early blog entry for those who are wanting to do coleslaw and potato salad for the 4th of July, I offer these 2 classic recipes:

My Coleslaw recipe

1 small green Cabbage
1/2 small Red cabbage
3 Carrots
1 Granny Smith apple
1 Macintosh apple
1/2 cup Golden raisins
1 teaspoon ground Ginger
1/2 teaspoon Dry Coleman's Mustard
2 cups Mayonnaise
1/2 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Apple Cider vinegar
1 tablespoon Celery seed
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/4 teaspoon fresh ground black Pepper

This recipe makes 12 servings. It can easily be cut in half. The cabbage can be hand-cut or put through the slicing blade of a food processor. The carrots should be grated and the apples cut into a small dice (I leave the skin on for color). Combine all the dressing ingredients together and mix with the cabbage and fruit. Taste to adjust seasoning. It is best to make slaw a few hours in advance to give the cabbage a chance to soften.

My warm German Potato salad recipe

6 baking potatoes
1/2 cup sherry vinegar
2 teaspoons salt
1/2 teaspoon Black pepper
1 pound chopped bacon diced
6 eggs
3/4 cup chopped scallions
1/2 cup chopped red onion or Vidalia onion

Cook potatoes in boiling salted water till tender and then peel and cut into cubes. Add vinegar and seasonings to hot potatoes. Fry up bacon till crisp and remove from the pan. Boil eggs till soft boiled (at this altitude, that's about 12 minutes). Combine potatoes with bacon and soft-boiled eggs and about 2 tablespoons of the bacon fat. Add the chopped onions and scallions. Adjust seasonings and serve warm. Look on the bright side — there is no mayo! This makes 8-10 servings.