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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Guest Monica Meehan: Blogs for Food!

Links to the websites I mentioned on today's show!

Mark Bittman has been writing his "Minimaliast" column for the New York Times for 11 years, and is the author of our favorite, much battered cookbooks The Minimalist Cooks at Home and How to Cook Everything. On Bitten, his daily blog for the NYT, Mark and several guest contributors chew on food and all things connected to it.

Cake Wrecks
Who would have thought that bakery screw-ups could lead to such hilarity? Funny, funny commentary about when professional cakes "go horribly, hilariously wrong." Look for the book, coming out in time for Christmas this year!

Two blogs from the same household:

A Dash of Bitters
Michael's blog details cocktails, spirits, liqueurs, mixers, barware, bars, lounges, and of course, bitters.

Last Night's Dinner
Jen's blog features delicious, local food, beautifully photographed. Few recipes (there are some), but it's more of a culinary record of Jen and Michael's drool-worthy eating habits. She wants to inspire her readers to "be fearless in the kitchen, to taste, to trust [our] instincts and palate, and to find [our] own unique way of creating beautiful meals." Yum!

Thanks for having me on the show, Stacy! It's always fun!

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