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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guest Kathy Yurista: Gardening Tips!

Special Guest
Its finally time to plant, so how about some words of wisdom from Kathy Yurista, the resident gardener at Real Food nation? Here are some tips she shared on the show.

Her favorite seed companies:
Territorial Seed
Abundant Life Seed Company
Seeds of Change
Native Seeds
Seed Savers Exchange
Peter's Seed and Research (closed in June 2010!)
Thyme Garden Herb Company
John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds

Favorite cookbooks to get recipes for her organic produce:
The Moosewood Cookbook (Kathy loves the spinach and Ricotta Pie)
The Ayurvedic Cookbook by Amadea Morningstar

Tips for beginners:
  • Try growing things with big seeds. Big seeds have a better success rate!
  • There is no advantage to planting early. The soil needs to be warm for most things to grow.
  • And the most important thing I learned is even for an experienced gardener like Kathy, it's still trial and error and always a learning experience.

Want to ask Kathy a question? call 505-699-5605