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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Guests Bram and Monica Meehan: Favorite Foodie Websites

Special Guest
Bram and I had a great time on the show (as always) sharing our current favorite food blogs and websites. Thanks, Stacy! As promised, here's the roundup, with links:

The Kitchn Part of the Apartment Therapy family of websites, The Kitchn is for "those who want to cook more, but are shy in the kitchen." The site features a frequently updated mix of original content, links to other food sites, news, and advice. I like it for the theme weeks, seasonal recipes, and great mix of content.

notakeout offers a dinner menu a day, generally a main dish and a side dish with accompanying drink suggestion. Aimed at busy professionals, the seasonal recipes provide a shopping list and the meals take less than an hour to prepare. The instructions are written in the order that you prepare items, which can be a little confusing if you're used to working out your own process, or if you're only making one of the dishes.

The Spice Spoon This beautiful food memoir-style blog is written by Shayma, a Pakistani-Afghan with a hint of Iranian. She's writing to both record the traditional dishes she learned to make by watching her mother, aunt and grandmothers, and to provide readers with a much needed antidote of humanity and romanticism about her people and culture.

Thursday Night Smackdown I love this hilarious, snarky foodie blog, written by Michelle, a self-described: food and drink lover from Jersey City, New Jersey; lapsed Catholic; lapsed lawyer; lapsed pianist; lapsed vegetarian; curmudgeon.

The Santa Fe Barman This is the blog of Chris Milligan, head bartender at Secreto at the Hotel St. Francis. Topics include history, recipes, reviews, and etiquette, showcasing his extensive knowledge of cocktails and enthusiasm for mixology. He's a busy guy, so posts can be infrequent... maybe if we all ask for more, he'll comply.

Ask RuBo No relation to RuLa! What do you get when you cross the sharp tongue of Anthony Bourdain with the dreamy food musings of Ruth Reichl? Ruth Bourdain! (RuBo for short.) This is CHOW's new etiquette column, dishing out caustic, hilarious, and (at times) useful bits of wisdom for food-related quandaries.

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