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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guest Monica Meehan: Food on the Web

Here are the links to the websites I mentioned on today's show:

Recipe Search Sites:

On those rare occasions when you're not using MoW for all your internet recipe searches, here are a number of other options:

Google's new recipe feature

If Google thinks you're searching for a recipe, the results page adds check boxes in the left-hand column that let you filter your results by ingredient, cook time and calories. There's been some pushback from food bloggers (including from NYT food writer Amanda Hesser, over at Food52). Apparently you need to add a lot of metadata in your coding for your recipes to list accurately. Larger database-driven recipe aggregator sites (like or come up higher in the search results because they are able to do the needed coding. Still, it can be a good place to start.

Food Blog Search

Just what it sounds like, this site searches for recipes only in blogs. It uses the Google search engine, but limits results to a list of 3,000 or so bloggers who write about food. So far, it only uses a standard Google search, none of the new recipe search features mentioned above. I like it because blogged recipes usually come with stories about making them, complete with photos and notes about ingredients, amounts, pitfalls, and tips.


A newer search engine. The name is an abbreviation of "Food I Love You" (FoodILY). It has a really slick results interface that pulls a photo from the source recipe, and lists ingredients, fiber/calorie content, and nutrition in a consistent format so it's easy to compare lots of recipes quickly. Like the Google recipe feature, it also has check boxes that let you also filter by low-carb, low-fat, ratings, and source (blogs-only or anywhere).

just for fun:

The Danny/Gwyneth Project
In the style of the Julie/Julia Project, Danny Gottleib (a self-described "early-20s, aimless aspiring writer/chef/detective in Portland, Oregon") is attempting to cook all of Gwyneth Paltrow's recipes from her new cookbook My Father's Daughter before he goes broke or insane or both. WARNING: Do not try this at home. Unless you live in a British castle and both your parents were famous and your husband is a world-famous rock star.

Thanks for having me on the show, Stacy. It's always fun!
And thanks to everyone who called in to contribute to KSFR during MoW!