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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guest Monica Meehan: Waffle Stuff on the Web!

Excellent Equipment of the Week
Here are the links to the recipes and websites I mentioned on the show:

Gaufres de Liege

These yeasted Belgian waffles contain chunks of pearled sugar (which caramelize on the outsides) and an "unnaturally delicious amount of butter," according to Chichi Wang's post at the Kitchn. And Megan Reardon of Not Martha swears that they're "so good you almost won’t mind the amount of work it will be to clean out your waffle maker."

Waffle Sandwiches

Fashion designer Ji Kim's blog about "killer clothes and fine cuisine" recently featured a post about black truffle waffles with tomato, Swiss cheese, and prosciutto baked right in! No recipe, but it's pretty self-explanatory from her always-stunning photos. Have some Breakfast with Luxirare!

Our much humbler sandwich got its inspiration from Megan DeKok's post about Monte Cristo waffle sandwiches at her blog Take a Megabite. Since Bram and I used frozen Cheddar and Green Chile waffles we'd made earlier, we put both halves in the oven, instead of just the cheese side.


Dan Shumski's blog has 30 answers to the question "Will it waffle?" Some things work better than others of course, but it's all fun to read about. Here's the link for Waffleburgers to get you started.

Thanks for having me on this week, Stacy! As always, lots of fun.