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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Guest Bram Meehan: The Paloma

Refreshing Beverage of the Week
When asked to come up with a refreshing, Southwestern beverage, I turned to Chris Milligan. He passed along the recipe for the most popular tequila drink in Mexico: the Paloma.

1 1/2 oz tequila blanco
1/2 oz lime juice
3-4 oz grapefruit soda (Squirt, Jarritos; I used Blue Sky)
1/2 oz simple syrup (optional)

Build over ice in a tall glass.

If you can't get the grapefruit soda — or want a more cocktail-y kind of drink — you can use about an ounce of fresh grapefruit juice, shake the whole thing, and then add club soda.

One other recipe I found called for salting the rim and, if you're not, to just toss it into the drink. I'm dubious.