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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rula sighting!

2013 Rula Calendar Towel in the making!
Rumor has it that there's another Rula calendar towel in the works for 2013! The glamorous and elusive Rula was spotted today at an exclusive photo shoot for this year's great Rula gift item. I can't reveal everything, but I can tell you there were many, many plates involved.

We're running a little late this year (it's so hard to get on Rula's schedule!), so please be sure to email Stacy and place your orders, so we know how many calendars to have the elves print up. Don't forget — we sold out last year! The 2013 calendar towel will printed (as in previous years) on a lovely linen/cotton blend and personally sewn up by Stacy. What dedication!

Rula will also be posting about the calendar's progress on her own page — click here, or on the link at the top left.