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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The November 24, 2012 Show

This week, Mouth of Wonder is a one hour pre-holiday spectacular starring Stacy Pearl, your hungry host, and Monica and Bram Meehan. The segments are many and all are brilliant! There are 2 seasonal recipes of the week and both are Cuban. Why? Why not? The first recipe is for Ropa Vieja and the second recipe is for a fried potato ball stuffed with Picadillo meat filling. Rula stops by with some much-needed info about food items. Other segments include a bit about how to choose a recipe that will actually work off the internet, great plan-ahead party tips to make entertaining fun and hassle-free, the excellent ingredient of the week (which is sweet potato), and a yummy recipe for coconut cheesecake. And between all this we mixed in lots of bad food jokes just for the hell of it. Listen to the November 24, 2012 show