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Sunday, November 15, 2015

A day in the English countryside

Revisiting my day in Kent
As I sit in my warm and comfy house on Long Island, enjoying the magnificent autumn leaves falling into the yard, I am reminded of my recent trip to London and the beauty of the British landscape. I spent most of my days in the city working at Ottolenghi, but I did manage to take a trip to Kent with my mate Ruth for a hike and a great pub meal.

Chequers Inn, the family-friendly pub where we ate, was in Kemsing in Kent. The classic pub lunch is an important part of British culture. English food is no longer something to make fun of — there are so many great chefs (I'm not talking about Gordon Ramsey). And some young, aspiring cooks are making names for themselves starting in small, local pubs. Our meal started with some local hard cider. Then we shared 2 classic Pub meals: Boar and apple sausage over mash with butternut squash puree and rich brown demiglace; and sliced leg of lamb with Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes and mushy peas — yes that's right, mushy peas! The meal was served to us by a lovely young chap who was so helpful in directing us to the best walking path and giving us some town history.


The area was a step back in time, complete with Oast houses (where they used to store barley used to make beer), and amazing walking paths. Only 1 hour outside of London, it was a wonderful, delicious experience. Enjoy the photos!


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