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Friday, June 22, 2007

Josh's BBQ and Whole Hog

Restaurant Review

Josh's BBQ I wanted to like this well-designed new kid on the block in the Lowe's shopping center off Zafarano, but I found it a bit pricy and lacking in soul. The smoked meats were dry, the sides fell short, and the sauce choices were a bit weak. Nice touch serving cornbread, if only it weren't so dry.

Whole Hog The real deal BBQ meal on scenic Cerillos road. Decor consists of pig trophies and a sexy stainless steel smoker with a big wood pile. How can that be bad! The meats are tender and smoked to perfection. The ribs are to die for! There is a choice of 7 sauces, each with regional authenticity — and they have sweet tea!