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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Argentina Grill and Inn of the Anasazi

Restaurant Review

Argentina Grill A great new surprise in a strip mall off Cerrillos road where Guadalajara Grill used to be. Apparently the Argentinian cuisine is a reflection of many European influences, like German and Italian — they do pasta! There were so many interesting flavors on the menu. The blood sausage, I know it sounds gross, is fantastic, as are the light and flaky empanadas, the chicken rice soup, the superb Pastel de Carne (meat cake). Go hungry, portions are big, and prices are very reasonable, and leave room for the best piece of bread pudding in town.

Inn of the Anasazi This was a very overpriced hotel lunch with a heavy, out-of-date menu which left me cold — from one of the best chefs in Santa Fe? I guess lunch is not that important. The room decor was boring, the salad was boring, and the famous fish and chips were greasy. And the de-constructed dessert was a major flop. Can't anyone bake a decent piece of cake in this town?