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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some Cheap Eating Out Options in Town

Restaurant Review

Okay, so I am getting really tired of overpriced bad food. If I want junk food, it better be cheap. So I have put together a short list of what I feel are some of the better bargains in town. Listed in no particular order:

The Del Charro’s burger best bun in town, good bar, parking stinks, they have good French fries. The entire small bar food menu is a steal!

The tacos priced by the piece at El Parasol I could easily eat 5 of them, but that's not really necessary.

Yoberry has a frequency reward card: buy nine, the tenth is free.

Puerto Penasco on Airport road in the “uber-trendy” Southside. Get the Ceviche tostada — it's big and fresh and delicious. Actually all their food is a bargain, considering how yummy it is!

Baja Tacos on Cerillos makes a killer cheap chicken burrito, which you can enjoy in your car!

Southside Plaza Café You can’t go wrong with their old-school large portions and extensive menu. Unless you order cocktails, you can get out of there for pretty cheap.

Bobcat Bite of course has a killer burger, great value for quality, but the white bread bun the lack of fries are starting to wear on my family.

Konami has a great lunch special which comes with Miso soup and a free mint at the door, can you say classy?

Lan's on Cerillos Road, where you can buy a large bowl of noodles and it’s a fantastic, filling meal. I think the chicken curry and noodles is excellent.

Piccolino's inexpensive, family-style Italian food never disappoints.

And here are other meal deals I have heard about (some at pricier places):
  • Los Amigos has a Tuesday night special with a discount on the second entrée.
  • Flying Tortilla is running dinner specials and I heard they were buying the same ground beef that Bobcat Bite uses.
  • Santa Café is offering a nice 3-course prix fixe dinner special.
  • Bistro 315 also runs a winter special.
  • And finally, I think Max’s is running a special, but I need to call them to get the details, but if you are going to splurge on a meal, just go to Max’s.