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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Guest Randy Postal: The Cheesy Details from Bountiful Cow

Special Guest
This week we had Randy Postal, owner of "Bountiful Cow", Santa Fe's best cheese company on the show. He talked about some amazing cheeses from all over the world and in our back yard.

Here is a list of some of his top picks:

Beemster An amazing cheese from the Netherlands where the animals graze on rich soil and grasses which are below sea level which adds amazing depth to the flavor. In the aged Gouda family.

Grana Padana An American Parmesan made in Wisconsin which is a great value and for my money tastier then Italian Parmesan. Widely used by restaurants all over town.

Campo de Montalban This cheese is a blend of cow, sheep, and goat's milk from la Mancha, Spain. Aged 90 days, the texture and appearance are similar to Manchego, yet much more interesting. It tastes rich and buttery.

Nature's Pasture A local organic cheese maker who specializes in Spanish style cheese such as Monterey Jack, Asadero and assorted Cheddars. Simple excellent flavors.

Romao A raw sheep's milk cheese from Cuenca Spain which has a Rosemary crust. It is cave aged for 8 months. Very impressive on a cheese platter. Fantastic shaved onto a pasta dish.

Miticana de Cabra Randy's current favorite cheese. Similar to the famous French soft ripened goat's milk Boucheron Log, it's the first one made with sheep's milk. It has a luscious creamy texture.

Quadrello di Bufala Yes now we have Buffalo milk cheeses! This is a sensational new cheese for me which tastes like a Taleggio. It's creamy with a little sweet aftertaste, be the first on your block to try this one!

Theses cheeses can be purchased all over town. Try Whole Paycheck, Trader Joe's, The Montanita Co-op, or Sunflower Market. Thanks Randy for all the tasty information!